I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University is located in Moscow city and speaks to the biggest medical, scientific and clinical complex in Russia. College gladly holds the position of a standout amongst the most renowned therapeutic colleges of Russia. I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University is one of the restorative colleges for Russia perceived by MCI, WHO, UK, USA and other real nations. For more than 65 years University is preparing worldwide students from all parts of the world. Among its graduates – ministers and other high rank authorities of national wellbeing frameworks, heads of medical boards, individual specialists of presidents and leaders, heads of esteemed doctor's facilities and centers, educators of medicinal universities and so on. What's more, – what is most imperative – everywhere throughout the world our graduates genuinely and capably complete their expert obligation. Presently more than 2 000 global students are getting higher expert instruction at the Sechenov University. College's profoundly qualified personnel continually cleans up and refreshes the instruction procedure to guarantee the most noteworthy norms of our graduates. Lately we are putting more endeavors to put resources into building up students' pragmatic aptitudes and their late spring clinical practice. To this end we present new projects and elective courses. Obviously that for a future authority contemplates is No 1 need. Yet, it is likewise apparent that a youngster can't and ought not restrict himself to address corridors and research facilities. College gives its understudies an assortment of games and entertainment offices. Gainful investigations and fascinating life in any nation are unthinkable without great charge of the local dialect. Learning Russian is a solid guide in gathering information and experience from your educators and coaches, specialists and different pros whom worldwide understudies day by day experience amid classes and clinical practice. It additionally helps effectively suit and blend with the nearby individuals, take in more about awesome history and culture of the nation where youthful years were spent. I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University is a dynamic individual from World Heath Organization (WHO). It was the first to begin the affirmation (coordinate confirmation in mbbs) of outside students in 1949. These days around 20 % of the students are outside and this reality has secured I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University's the primary spot in the rundown of Russian medicinal colleges as far as the quantity of foreign students. Preparing is directed in Russian, English and French contingent upon the sort of instructive program picked. Universal candidates who don't have a decent order of the Russian dialect can take a one-year Preparatory/Foundation Course or Russian-for-Foreigners Course.


Students' life is a unique world, full of hopes and joy, exciting events and fascinating new acquaintances. Various sport competitions and charity events are being held at the University, and a number of humanitarian missions from the University have been sent abroad. The students can visit the Central Medical Library, the Museum of Medical History, the stadium "Petrel", the student recreation camp "Sechenovets", a botanical garden, an animal facility, 3 students' hostels, a volunteers' center, a publishing house etc.